Your Guide To Malaysian Slimming Centres

You can see their slimming ads daily in Malaysian newspapers and magazines. Often endorsing local celebrities. Slimming centres are especially popular among women looking to get into shape as fast as possible, often at any cost.

How does Slimming Work?

The programmes use a combination of health and fitness consultation and technology to help you get rid of fat, water, cellulite, toxins and others. What technologies? Well it varies according to the service provider but mainly involve:

  • Ultrasound
  • Infrared
  • Laser/light/heat
  • Suction & deep tissue massage
  • Electric pads (vibration)

So what about those before and after pictures?

I’m sure you have come across ads for fat-loss products that draw you in with unbelievably striking “before & after” pictures. Are these too good to be true? Hmmm…it depends on how you look at it. Yes, the transformations are probably real but, No, its not entirely due to the advertised Malaysian slimming centre!

Read the fine print. This is a typical marketing trick knowing that people will automatically focus on the large pictures and are usually too possessed to read the fine print. What does it say? Usually something like this:

“The results achieved by these test subjects are extra ordinary. Use as directed with a sensible nutrition and training program. Test subjects used this product in conjunction with a diet and exercise program. These results are not typical.”

The results are always due to a combination of training, nutrition and yes, the supplement (in that order). The slimming treatment is always the 3rd contributing factor. They alone don’t work magic and need to be complimented with proper nutrition and training.

Are Malaysian Slimming Centres Worth It?

Depends! I’m not a believer in lying on a chair to have electric pads shock my muscles for stimulation. No matter how pleasant the ads may look, trust me it’s not!

Yes. Just like hiring a personal trainer, it all depends on how much money you have to spend. If money is no object, then the guidance and products slimming centres provide will help you make progress. But then again, are you going to depend on slimming centres or personal trainers all your life?

But then again, are you going to depend on slimming centres or personal trainers all your life?

Final Verdict?

There is no harm in checking them out but whatever you decide to do, do it for education and not merely for a short-term fix. It’s like this: say you sign up for a slimming centre package and make some progress, what then? If you don’t make permanent changes, you’ll right back where you were minus the money you spent.

No. If you have no control over your diet and exercise and merely hope for a miracle slimming treatment than you are in for some sad news. No slimming procedure in Malaysia or the world can magically change your life. Even if you do lose a weight pounds or inches, what do you do when the treatment program is over? Ultimately, you don’t want your life and health to depend on a commercial entity.

Ultimately, you don’t want your life and health to depend on a commercial entity.

If you are going to give a slimming centre a go, do it for education and maybe for the experience. In order for you to have control over your fitness and weight, you need to be in control, not a consultant/personal trainer or a machine. Worst case scenario, you spent RM1,000 on several treatment and don’t lose any weight or inches. At least you can walk away knowing that it did nothing for you.

At least you can walk away knowing that it did nothing for you.

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New eBook: How to Gain 5kg in 10 Weeks

New eBook: How to Gain 5kg in 10 Weeks

New eBook: How to Gain 5kg in 10 Weeks

After the success of my weight loss eBook, I am excited to release a eBook that focuses entirely on weight and muscle gain! But wait, is there a difference between muscle and weight gain? Absolutely.

But is weight gain really that difficult?

Well depends on who you ask but for those you are skinny and hoping to gain weight are quick to tell you that they have tried everything. From appeton weight gain, exercise and food but it just does not stick!.

Thats exactly where is eBook comes in. It helps you make sense of various misconceptions, providing you with step by step instructions to help you gain 5kg in 10 weeks.

10 Reasons you are NOT gaining weight.

Weight gain is not too difficult but most people who have tried and failed do not understand how weight gain happens. There is more to weight gain than eating. Weight training alone also won’t do the trick and of course there is no such thing as a magic pill.

In the beginning of my ebook, I highlight various reasons why you may not be gaining weight. I also address the difference between muscle and weight gain. One of the most important steps in helping you gain weight is to understand how it happens in the first place.

Ask yourself – do you know how to gain 1kg? Probably not. Let alone 5kg over 10 weeks. You need this eBook and after reading is you will be in full control of your life, health and most importantly your weight! Get your copy today!

eBook Features

Like all my other ebooks, this eBook has been carefully written and designed so that you can easily follow the instructions and steps.

  • Complete weight gain diet plan based on the Malaysian lifestyle.
  • 10 week fitness program and individual exercises.
  • 70 excel spreadsheet weight gain planner to help you track your results.
  • Review of various weight gain supplements to see if they work for you.
  • and lots more
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A Peri hearty meal

AS more Malaysians are now starting to grow ‘sideways’, the challenge is to find the right food to complement a healthier lifestyle.

In view of this daunting trend, Nando’s Restaurants has introduced the Nando’s Peri Hearty Meal, a combination of a quarter chicken, with two sidelines, grilled vegetables and a serving of Mediterranean rice, with bottomless Coke Light to wash it all down.

The new meal is part of Nando’s efforts in promoting the importance of healthy eating together with a proper fitness regime.

Nando’s Health and Nutritional Campaign, themed ‘Eat Responsibility’ will be running a series of interesting activities in line with the campaign until Jan 3 next year.

“We believe the Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken, made from the A-grade butter y cut chickens, with excess fat trimmed off, no added colourants, flavourants, additives or MSG, is the healthier meal option as it offers the ideal calorie count and high protein level,” said Nando’s Restaurants chief executive officer Mac Chung

She added that Nando’s famed ingredient — the Peri- Peri — is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, high in antioxidants and helps enhance metabolism as well as burns fat.

Nando’s and Kevin Zahri

Nando’s together with Malaysia’s own health celebrity Kevin Zahri chose the most suitable sidelines to accompany the classic Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken for the Peri Hearty Meal.

“We all know that it is important to have a balanced diet, but what is more important is educating ourselves on what a balanced diet is,” said Kevin.

He added that the average person needs 2,000 calories every day and a balanced diet must contain carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salts and  bre taken in correct proportions.

The nutritionist and author of the book Fitness 24/7 also believes that the more a person eats, the more exercise is necessary to be healthy.

To further advocate healthy eating and lifestyles, Nando’s is working together with Fitness First for a seven-week fitness regime challenge.

The challenge will see two lucky Hitz.Fm listeners selected through the radio station’s online search to undergo training along with DJs Jakeman and Rudy under the guidance and supervision of personal trainers from the gym.

The two listeners will compete against each other to be the  ttest throughout the challenge and the winner will have the opportunity to take a friend on holiday together with Jakeman and Rudy at Club Med Cherating.

If you are keen on keeping to or staying healthy, Nando’s Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken is a delicious and healthy meal to complement your daily regime.

The healthier alternative is now available at Nando’s restaurants across the country at RM17.80 or a special price of RM14.50 for Fitness First members.

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Its Panas!! How to stay hydrated?

Its Panas!! How to stay hydrated?

Its Panas!! How to stay hydrated?

Wow it definitely has been extremely hot and humid these days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Heat and humidity is definitely not a good combination when it comes for sports and exercise.

I should know, I have been playing a lot of tennis these last couple of days and the sun, heat and humidity is pushing me to the limits.

How the heat effects your body?

Now if you are like me and exercise or compete outdoors in these extreme conditions, you must take care of your body’s hydration needs. Our bodies contain about 60% water. Give it too little or too much, and you are in trouble.

Studies have found that a loss of two or more percent of one’s body weight due to sweating is linked to a drop in blood volume. When this occurs, the heart works harder to move blood through the bloodstream.

In hot and humid conditions, one looses a lot of fluids through sweat – sweat helps to cool the body through condensation but once temperatures reach the 30-35 degrees Celsius like here in Malaysia couple with high humidity, sweat will accumulate on the skin – here, there is no condensation and your body does not cool down. Now add if you don’t compensate your fluid loss with water intake, this will leave you in heat distress – leads to cramping, heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Heat stroke occurs when the body is exposed to an excessive amount of heat and becomes unable dissipate the heat through sweating. When heat stroke happens, the body’s temperature rises rapidly, the body loses its ability to sweat, and it is unable to cool down.

Body temperature can rise to 106°F or higher within 10 to 15 minutes, and at 106°F brain death begins.If emergency treatment is not provided, heat stroke can cause death or permanent disability in humans and animals.

Simple Urine Test

Monitoring urine volume output and color. A large amount of light colored, diluted urine probably means you are hydrated; dark colored, concentrated urine probably means you are dehydrated.

Hydration During Exercise Guidelines

Now since hydration needs vary from person to person, there is no one solution for everyone. Your thirst your bodies way of telling you what it needs. So listen to it.

But according to some research I did, following are some simple guidelines for you:

Hydration Before Exercise
* Drink about 400-500ml, 2-3 hours before exercise
* Drink 200-300ml, 10-15 min before exercise

Hydration During Exercise
* Drink 200-300ml, every 10-15 min during exercise
* If exercising longer than 90 minutes, drink 200-300ml of a sports drink (with no more than 8 percent carbohydrate) every 15 – 30 minutes.

Hydration After Exercise
* Weigh yourself before and after exercise and replace fluid losses.
* Drink 400-500ml water for every 1 lb lost.
* Consume a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein within the 2 hours after exercise to replenish glycogen stores.

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Pushing It – Why You’re Not Seeing Results.

Pushing It – Why You’re Not Seeing Results. Well one thing does break it, and will break nearly any plateau. You probably know what it is, but you’re just not willing to do it.

The simple answer is – PUSH IT!

Whatever you’re doing now, you need to do more. “You need to do more” is a vague, ill-defined and unclear statement, so here are 5 primary examples of what I mean.

If you’re bench pressing 90 kg for 10 reps:

  1. 1.Load 100 kg onto the bar and press it for 10 reps. Get a spotter if you need, but you ARE pushing for 10 if you want to see any change.
  2. 2.Load the original 90 on the bar but push for 12 reps. Again get a spotter and have him scream and shout at you. Break into we-will-we-will-rock-you if you feel up for it.
  3. 3.Load the original 90 and do 10 reps, but do 3 additional sets per workout and do 1 extra workout per week (the first method increased your weight, the second method increased your reps, this method increases your load).
  4. 4.Keep the 90 kg and 10 reps, but lift each rep extra slow on the way down, and super fast – as fast as you possibly can – on the way up (this increases intensity).
  5. 5.Decrease rest times between each set. You may not be able to perform as many reps in your next set, but that doesn’t matter. Try to do them anyway.

There’s dozens of other ways to make your workout harder, but most are variations of these 5. Taking weights off the bar and continuing to lift is just another way to do more reps. Pyramiding – putting weights on between each set – is just another method of increasing the weight. There’s no need to get super fancy.

Choose whatever method you like, but keep in mind the basic principle at work here. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve got. If you push harder than you ever have before, then you’ll get more than what you’ve been getting.

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Obesity Among Malaysian Students: Who is at fault?

Obesity Among Malaysian Students: Who is at fault?

In response to KKM’s statement to enforce BMI to be listed in report cards and my recent discussion on this very topic on Astro Awani, I just want to share my view on this topic – Rising Obesity Among Malaysian Students.

Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai berkata, sebelum ini BMI tidak dicatat dalam kad laporan pelajar menyebabkan ibu bapa tidak dapat mengawal pemakanan anak-anak mereka kerana tidak tahu sama ada berat badan anak mereka ideal, terlebih berat atau mengalami obesiti.

I really do not understand Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia’s obsession with BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI here, BMI there. We all know what it is but do you really think that parents need to see their kids BMI to tell them that they need to lose weight? If they truly are their parents and see their kids daily, they don’t need anyone telling them that their kids are underweight, normal or obese. Why? Coz its right in front of them.

BMI is such a primitive way to gauge someone’s weight to health ratio. Its too simplistic. Is does not consider the students bodytype, muscle mass etc. Read more about BMI and Apakah Berat Badan Anda Yang Ideal.

So why are Malaysian students overweight?

That is the real question. Let’s break it down and see who is responsible and what can be done.

…To parents: your children’s well-being is your responsibility. Making sure they eat well is your responsibility. Putting rules in place, going out to play, outdoor activities, leading by example all are your responsibilities..

  • Student: Is the student at fault? Well yes and no. I would not blame primary students for lack of awareness or know-how as they purely reply on the guidance of those around them. BUT for secondary students, they should know better and be the first to realize that they ought to do something about their weight and appearance.
  • Parents: Of course you are at fault. Parents should never use their careers as an excuse. Your children’s well-being is your responsibility. Making sure they eat well is your responsibility. Putting rules in place, going out to play, outdoor activities, leading by example all are your responsibilities.
  • Teachers: Well they are educators but I would not place weight management for students as their responsibility. It is a bonus if they take a personal and pro-active interest in a students weight. But if a student comes up to you and asks “Teacher, teacher … how do I lose weight?”, you should or rather must know the answer.
  • Kantin sekolah: Well yeah but they are a commercial entity and will supply what is in demand. That is the cruel reality. A solution? Well either limit the food options to mainly healthy options so that the canteen operator can still make a decent profit and/or municipalize (opposite of privatize) the whole canteen so that everything is controlled by the schools.
  • Facebook: Well not FB but rather the whole internet revolution, gaming and technology is probably to blame for an ever so dormant lifestyle. What to do? It is what it is but here again, parents and students must find activities, set rules to balance their lives.
  • Government? Well I don’t think it is fair to put all the blame on the government. The responsibility to stay healthy is ours. But if I were to raise a concern, it is that our education system DOES NOT encourage all students to be active. I have blogged about this numerous times. This probably is the joint responsibility of the Health, Sports and Education Ministries.

The bottom line is …

If you are a teacher, parent or student and are reading this article, to overcome obesity, you need to be in control! This means you need to know 1) what caused it and 2) how are you going to take control and overcome it. This requires know-how.

The bottom line, if a child comes up to you and asks “How do I lose 5kg?” …. you should know and answer “well, 5kg adds up to 38500 calories. Now if you want to lose that many calories, you need to come up with a proper weight loss plan that may involve a better meal plan, exercise or a combination of the two”.

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25 Weight Loss Tips

Looking to lose weight in Malaysia or around the world, following are 25 quick weight loss tips. Most of these are extracted from my health and fitness eBooks.

1-10: Nutrition and Diet

Lets kick my top 25 off with some diet and nutrition tips. Not fun but very important.

  1. 1.

    Eat 5-7 smaller meals instead of 3 big meals. This not only keeps your hunger in check but also gives you more consistent energy throughout the day.

  2. 2.

    Never skip a meal. It does not help you to lose weight. In fact, skipping meals lowers your overall metabolism and creates raging cravings. A lose-lose situation.

  3. 3.

    Know your daily calorie requirement. Most people are clueless about their calorie requirement. But if you don’t know your DCR, how are you supposed to know how much to eat?

  4. 4.

    What do you put in your mouth? Make sure you know the calorie content of the foods and drinks you are consuming.

  5. 5.

    Cut calories from drinks. The easiest way to lose weight is by eliminating calories from drinks. Well basically you are getting rid of all the sugar that goes into juices, soft drinks etc.

  6. 6.

    Stick to water. Water is calorie free, keeps your hydrated and actually helps to lower water retention.

  7. 7.

    Go easy on fruits. Although are contain vital minerals and vitamins. They do contain sugars as well.

  8. 8.

    A fistful of carbs. Whether you are a rice, grain or potato craver, always stick to a fistful of carbs. Reminder: a fistful means singluar …. not both fists.

  9. 9.

    Are you getting enough proteins? Stick to about 1-1.5g for each pound you weight. And hey, proteins are a lot more filling than carbohydrates.

  10. 10.

    Curb your cravings. Do you have a weakness for chocolates? Well we all do. If you do, don’t bring your cravings back home.

11-20: Exercise

Exercise should be fun. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. Always remember that it doesn’t matter what exercise you do, as long as you are active.

  1. 11.

    Exercise is optional! Did you know that you can lose weight without ever doing any exercise at all! Its all about the calories baby!

  2. 12.

    Lift those weights! Male or female. Young or old. Be sure to include a form of weight training in your exercise program. More muscles help you burn more calories and well, they look and feel good.

  3. 13.

    Focus on quality. Exercise is not always about quantity but make sure you get quality into your sessions. How? Through know how.

  4. 14.

    Avoid carbs if you are running or do cardio for fat loss. Afterall its the fat you want to burn and not the carbs from your milo, 100Plus or Gatorade.

  5. 15.

    Milo, 100Plus and Gatorade help you with energy but do not help you lose weight!

  6. 16.

    Want great abs? Doing crunches or ab exercises dont really help. You need to get rid of that layer of fat covering your ab muscles. How? Well through cardio and dieting.

  7. 17.

    Exercise to tone up? Well exercise along does not do the trick. You need to cardio exercises, weight training and dieting.

  8. 18.

    Yoga is great for flexibility and stress management but not the best choice for weight loss.

  9. 19.

    Saunas and steam rooms can help you lose weight by removing water and elevating your metabolism, making you burn more calories.

  10. 20.

    Sex is fun and burns plenty of calories but please, don’t just lie on your back.

21-25: Supplements ++

Food and nutritional supplements can help but be sure you (the consumer) are not tricked by these before and after pictures.

  1. 21.

    Magic pill? There is no such thing as a magic weight loss pill.

  2. 22.

    How do fat burners work? Most so called fat burners work by introducing caffeine as a way to elevate your metabolism. You see, it is always about the calories.

  3. 23.

    Want to lose 1kg? You need to get rid of 7,700 calories and no, it doesn’t matter how you do it.

  4. 24.

    Protein supplements are a great in-between snack at the office or at home. They are low in calories, keep your cravings in check and are not as yucky as they used to be.

  5. 25.

    Get a good multivitamin. Micro-nutritional deficiencies can lead to cravings and weight gain. Get a good multi-vitamin that suits your sex, age and lifestyle. They can help fill these gaps.

  6. 26.

    Take your time. Weight loss is not a 12 week crash course. Neither was weight gain. Most people that fail to lose weight is either because they simply don’t know how or because their goals were not realistic.

Need more help or tips? Check out my best selling weight loss eBook – How to lose 5kg in 5 Weeks. It provides you with step by step instructions on how to lose weight with or without exercise.

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