Pushing It – Why You’re Not Seeing Results.

Pushing It – Why You’re Not Seeing Results. Well one thing does break it, and will break nearly any plateau. You probably know what it is, but you’re just not willing to do it.

The simple answer is – PUSH IT!

Whatever you’re doing now, you need to do more. “You need to do more” is a vague, ill-defined and unclear statement, so here are 5 primary examples of what I mean.

If you’re bench pressing 90 kg for 10 reps:

  1. 1.Load 100 kg onto the bar and press it for 10 reps. Get a spotter if you need, but you ARE pushing for 10 if you want to see any change.
  2. 2.Load the original 90 on the bar but push for 12 reps. Again get a spotter and have him scream and shout at you. Break into we-will-we-will-rock-you if you feel up for it.
  3. 3.Load the original 90 and do 10 reps, but do 3 additional sets per workout and do 1 extra workout per week (the first method increased your weight, the second method increased your reps, this method increases your load).
  4. 4.Keep the 90 kg and 10 reps, but lift each rep extra slow on the way down, and super fast – as fast as you possibly can – on the way up (this increases intensity).
  5. 5.Decrease rest times between each set. You may not be able to perform as many reps in your next set, but that doesn’t matter. Try to do them anyway.

There’s dozens of other ways to make your workout harder, but most are variations of these 5. Taking weights off the bar and continuing to lift is just another way to do more reps. Pyramiding – putting weights on between each set – is just another method of increasing the weight. There’s no need to get super fancy.

Choose whatever method you like, but keep in mind the basic principle at work here. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve got. If you push harder than you ever have before, then you’ll get more than what you’ve been getting.

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