8 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

8 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Losing Weight

Whether you have embarked on a diet, weight loss workout or through my eBooks, for some, losing weight is easy but for others, the journey to lose even just a couple kilograms can be frustratingly slow and miserable. Why? Let’s look at some 8 reasons you may NOT be able to lose weight.

    1. 1.

      You are eating too little. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. If you are eating too little, your body will simply go in a sub-hibernation mode and lower its metabolism. Why? Coz by not eating enough, your body thinks you’re starving. And when you finally do eat again, it tries to retain and store as much energy (fat) as it can. So don’t skip meals and stick to a balanced diet.

    2. 2.

      You are getting older! Question is, should you eat less or more as you age? Less. As you age, your metabolism slows down. Here your body requires less and less energy (food) to sustain its daily routine. How to combat aging? Supplements? Hell no. Keep active. The more exercise and activities you do, the easier it will be to keep the weight off. Weight training helps as well.

    3. 3.

      Are you stressed? Having trouble at work? Going through a bad breakup? Stress is making you fat. How? 1) when stressed, your body releases hormones that make you retain more fat and 2) well, you tend to eat more. We call them stress-eaters. For me, exercise is the best way to FIGHT stress. And if work really gets in the way, maybe it is time to switch jobs or rethink your career?

    4. 4.

      Are you snacking late a night? To be honest, we all get these late night cravings and without munching on something, it is virtually impossible to doze off. But whatever calories you eat at night, if not used will be stored as fat. We all know this so what is the solution? I call it damage control. Have snacks like carrots handy. These are super low calorie and the sensation of prolonged chewing can trick your brain into believing it is actually getting a lot of food. A glass of low fat milk is also a good idea.

You can check out other craving saving tips in my FREE “45 Craving Saving Tips” eBook

  1. 5.

    Not enough sleep. Yup that’s true, lack of sleep can increase your weight. How? Well lack of sleep means that your body is relatively unrested and weak. To combat this combination, you need to eat more to stay energized. But the extra calories and lack of sleep lowering your metabolism, could possibly result in your weight gain.

  2. 6.

    Weekends. I have been providing free diet analysis for all my ebook buyer and most of the time their weekday meal plans look pretty good. BUT the real killer are your weekends where you spend time with family and friends on coffee, ice cream, fast food etc. Did you know that if your weekend calorie surplus adds up to 500 per day (i.e a few donuts or a pizza), you will gain some 6-7kg per year! Not sure how I calculated that? Than you probably need my How to Lose 5kg in 5 Weeks eBook.

  3. 7.

    You are retaining too much water. Losing or gaining fat is one thing but are you struggling with water retention? High water retention is a result of a diet high in salt (sodium) which acts like sand and traps or holds more water. How to reduce water retention? Drink more water, reduce salt, add fibers and yeah, coffee helps too.

  4. 8.

    You have got the wrong idea. Based on my experience, this reason effects most of you who are struggling to lose weight. Wanting to vs knowing how to lose weight are two very different things. The wanting to is easy. The knowing how to is not. Example: we all know that in order to lose weight, you must consume less calories than you need BUT than ask yourself this question: 1) Do you know how many calories you need per day? and 2) Do you know how many calories you are actually consuming? Most of you probably don’t have a clue and that is one of the main reasons you are NOT losing weight.

There is always a reason as to why you are not losing weight. Although it may differ from person to person, the weight you are carrying or gaining needs to come from somewhere. Stress or hormones alone can’t make you gain weight from thin air.

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5 Things Malaysians Should Know About Healthy Weight Loss

5 Things Malaysians Should Know About Healthy Weight Loss

5 Things Malaysians Should Know About Healthy Weight Loss

Are you a Malaysian wanting to lose weight weight? Do you think it is impossible to lose those extra pounds based on our local food? Think again.

1. It doesn’t happen overnight!

It took me few months before my close friends started telling me how much different I looked in terms of physical appearances when I started my weight loss journey. It is understandable that the ultimate aim is to see changes in your weighing scale and getting positive comments from your friends and relatives on your new look as fast as possible but you really have to understand that it is a life long journey that requires daily commitment and perseverance.

Malaysians really love to resort to quick alternatives like consuming diet pills or going to places that offers ‘easy and fast’ weight loss programme. I guess that’s why there have been an increase of varieties of products being sold in the pharmacies and emergence of new services around your area providing such promises of ‘fast weight loss’. I never consumed any diet pills or signed up on any ‘quick weight loss’ programme. I don’t think there are any reasons why you should let something that is ‘artificial’ meddle with your body natural function.

You can achieve it on your own without spending your hard earned money on something that you don’t really need.

2. An awesome strategy to achieve your goal

weight loss ebook for malaysiansThis is when you need to apply your brain and don’t simply embark on a diet programme without proper consultation with a doctor (regarding your medical status) or a qualified person. You need to know how to diet before dieting. No, diet does not mean willful refusal to consume food in order to lose weight.

A strategy is important to help you set a goal in your programme and allows you to stay committed in order to achieve it. Of course, you should be reasonable in your aim according to your current condition and level of discipline.

Kevin Zahri’s ebook helped me a lot in laying important foundations in achieving my objective. There, you can understand important terms but at the same time get a meal plan that you can apply in your daily life. I also learnt many valuable insights. You should get a copy of his ebook if you are still dieting for the sake of dieting at the moment.

3. Involves complete lifestyle changes

I have met with some people that told me that I want to lose weight but I don’t want to stop smoking or going to fast-food chain restaurants. Sadly, most of the time I always found out that their weight loss programme do not really lasts very long.

That is why when you embark on a weight loss journey, you are making a complete lifestyle changes. I was couch potato who is now preparing to run my first marathon very soon.I remembered talking to an athlete who told me that if you are love a particular sport, you will try to incorporate everything possible to make sure that your lifestyle is a healthy one. It can be swimming, cycling, running or anything that make you sweat!

I have seen people who stopped smoking after they started exercising. Perhaps this is when they experienced the first-hands reality of their past unhealthy habits. Knowing how fatigues you’ve become when you can’t even compete with a non-smoker (who even might be slightly overweight) may not be an interesting fact to some people. Don’t worry, even recent research have shown that you are most likely to be affiliated around healthy people if you’re looking for ways to become healthy!

4. Think about “sustainable” and “healthy” weight loss

Some people think that we can lose few kilos and then continue with our previous habits once we’ve achieved the goal. This may be true as you may have shed those kilos away from your hard earned exercises or dieting but do you really want to gain back those kilos simply because you are just not disciplined enough to continue to become healthier?

This is the reason why physicians generally agree that healthy weight loss should be around ½ to 1 kilo in a week. If you lose more than that it may not be healthy nor sustainable in long-term. You might even hit a “weight-loss plateau” in the process that will stagnant the process (read Kevin’s previous article about this)

Remember, it’s all about striking a balance in your daily routines throughout the day.

5. Eat good food!

Who says dieting means ‘no food’ at all? Malaysians in general have been infected with ‘mindless eating’ syndrome. We like to eat, and we eat a lot. We enjoy food during holidays, festivals, everyday in the year. No, I am not suggesting that we should replace ketupat with something else healthier but we should know when to stop eating them when our body is telling us that ‘Hey, I’m already full!”. The key is always MODERATION and knowing when to stop!

This is why once you learned about calorie and understand the food pyramid, your visit to your nearest mamak’s restaurant or buying groceries will never be the same again. You will become an informed and conscious person especially in choosing the type of food that you want to eat. Literally speaking, the food that you eat will shape the way you look in the long-term.

I sincerely think that the reason why many Malaysians are getting more overweight everyday is precisely because of our own willful ignorance to learn about our body and wanting to change our state. I still remembered the day when I found out that I was first staged obese, I knew I needed to do so something and that had made all the difference.

If you ask me when should you start, the answer is now.

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Suze Orman on Health, Wealth, and Happiness (with Jillian Michaels)

I recently came across an interesting read on Everyday Health.

The article features Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser) and personal finance superstar Suze Orman for an exclusive, candid chat about her life’s ups and downs, her achievements, and her new book, ‘The Money Class.’

Interview with Suze Orman by Jillian Michaels

Following is part of the interview. Click here for the entire interview.

Suze Orman has been called many things: an uber brand, a pop culture icon, a New York Times best-selling author, an Emmy award winner, one of Forbes magazine’s most powerful women in America, one of Time magazine’s most influential people in the world, Oprah’s money guru, America’s money lady, and the list goes on. For me personally, she embodies all those things, but most importantly I am proud to call her a trusted friend and mentor.

It’s for this reason that as I assumed my new role as “inspiration editor” for EverydayHealth.com, Suze was my first call. Every month I’ll be doing interviews with some of the most … well … inspiring people in the world, and I knew that Suze would provide me with brilliant information while still being patient and tolerant enough to be my very first “celebrity” interview.

And so we begin on a Friday evening. She’s just flown back to her home in Florida after wrapping up an exhilarating speaking engagement where she brought more than 600 inner-city teens to their feet in uproarious applause. This is the tail end of her book tour for her latest best seller, The Money Class. I presumed she’d be exhausted due to her breakneck schedule, but I was wrong!

In typical Suze fashion it begins with a smack-down. “Jillian, as your mentor I need to stress that whenever you are doing an interview and you are recording somebody you should get them on tape giving you permission to record.” So without hesitation I ask, “Suze, do I have your permission to record?” “You most certainly do. Okay, go on, sweetheart,” she replies. And now we are off to the races.

A little history lesson: I remember watching TV late one night and coming across one of Suze’s PBS specials. This is when she hooked me. She told a compelling tale about how she went from rags to riches that left me feeling like I myself could conquer the world. So in case you missed it, this is where we begin…

Jillian Michaels: We have come to accept you as America’s money guru, but that wasn’t always the case. With so many feeling lost in life, can you share with us the path that led you to your true calling?

Suze Orman: That question can be answered in so many ways. But here is the story I think you are after. I went to the University of Illinois from 1969-1973, and after four years I decided I was going to strike out and see the world. I borrowed $1,500 from my brother Bobby and bought a used Ford Econoline van. I drove out to Berkeley, Calif., where I lived in that van on the streets for about four months. I didn’t have enough money to pay for the first and last months’ rent for an apartment until I landed my dream job as a waitress at the Buttercup Bakery. I worked there from the age of 23 to 30. So for seven years I worked for $400 a month as a waitress until I got this brainstorm that I could open my own restaurant.

I asked my parents for $20,000 and they didn’t have that kind of money to give to me. I went to work the next day and Fred Hasbrook, one of the people I had waited on for seven years, came into the bakery and asked me, “What’s wrong, Sunshine? You don’t look happy.” I told him the story. To make a long story short, all the people that I had been waiting on for all those years rallied together and gave me $50,000 to open up my own restaurant. I didn’t know what to do with that money and they told me to go down and put it in a money market account with Merrill Lynch and let it sit there until I learned what to do to open up a restaurant.

Again to make a long story short the broker who took that money ended up trading it in one of the most speculative strategies around — the options market — and within three months lost all $50,000. I didn’t know what to do so I thought, well, I can be a broker, they just make you a broker. So I went and I interviewed for a job at Merrill Lynch because I knew that I would never be able to pay back that $50,000 making $400 a month. They didn’t have any women working for Merrill Lynch in the Oakland office at that time as stockbrokers, so when I ended up in the manager’s office, this is what he said to me “Suze, women belong barefoot and pregnant. I will hire you, but you will be out of here in six months.” So I asked him how much he was going to pay me to make me pregnant. When he said $1,500 a month, I said, I’ll take it — and before you knew it I was learning how to be a stockbroker. To this day I think they hired me to fill their women’s quota, but regardless I was on my way.

As I was studying to be a stockbroker I read what was known as the “you’re your customer rule,” which essentially stated that you could not risk a client’s money if they could not afford to lose it. So in essence, what Randy, the stockbroker who lost all my money, did was illegal, because I couldn’t afford to lose that money, so he shouldn’t have risked it. When I told the manager that I thought Randy was a crook, he said, “That crook makes us a lot of money, so go and sit down and say nothing. Just keep studying, Suze.”

At that point I thought, well, he told me he was going to fire me in six months anyway and at this point I was four months into it, so I decided that while I may still be relatively young and have time to pay back the money, what if this had happened to my mother or my grandmother? I did the only thing I knew to do. It would be easy to sit there and say nothing, but it would not have been right. So I ended up suing Merrill Lynch while I worked for them. Here is the great part: Because I sued them they could not fire me — who knew? By the time the case was to go to court I was their No. 6-producing broker in the Oakland office, and right around that time a new manager came in, looked at the case, settled out of court, and gave me back the $50,000 plus interest. I was able to pay everybody else back, and that is how I got my start in the business of investing.

Read the entire interview.

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5 Signs That You Are Overeating


weight loss

Overeating is a huge issue that many people face in their weight loss journey. It’s a common issue where you are consuming more that what you need for that day. The result of this is an increase of your daily calorie limit which will cause weight gain. You may be conscious or not when you overeat.

Don’t be scared! The key here is to learn on how to become more aware on the WAY how you eat.

Below are some signs that you might be overeating.

1. You are eating too fast

Hey, are you being chased by something that you have to eat so fast?

Take your time and enjoy every bit of the food that you eat. Chew properly so that the food that you ate can be digested easier once it reaches your stomach. Don’t forget that your digestive system begins from your mouth. Funnily enough, you are actually ‘helping’ your own body to function better.

2. After you take the food, you can’t really ‘see’ your plate anymore

Remember those times when you were at a formal dinner or official function? You tried to grab as much food as you possibly can (on the biggest plate available). It’s the common ‘take first, eat later’ mentality. Later, you ended up with so many foods on the table (when your friends also did the same thing) and you will be ‘forced’ to finish those puddings, satay, cakes etc everything that you took earlier so as not to feel guilty or being accused of wasting food!

The key here is always moderation.

Take a bit of everything that is served. Obviously, it’s hard (initially), but that’s what you have to do to break the vicious cycle.

3. You finish everything that is being served on your plate

Forget whatever you heard about preserving sanctity of food. What about the sanctity of our own body?

Interestingly, our body has a very ‘sneaky’ way of not telling us when we are full. It takes around 20 minutes for the stomach to send the message to our brain that we are full. Only take smaller plates in restaurants. Take what you need for the day. Eat slowly, and stop when you are feeling satisfied.

4.When you’re eating, you’re also doing something else

Do you seriously have to eat and watch ‘Nora Elena’ at the same time? When you do both, you tend to overeat. Eating should be exclusive for that purpose only. That is why it’s called a dining table, a table which meals are served.

If you are not conscious on what you put inside your mouth, you are most likely not in total control of your body. You won’t probably notice it when you are full.

5. You’re eating at irregular times

You woke up late today or perhaps you had to stay up to finish your assignments. No harm eating if you’re hungry right?

True. But it is best that you maintain a proper schedule when you should take your meal. Your stomach is ‘customized’ to perform its digestive functions when you always eat during certain times of the day. Remember the sounds your tummy made when you didn’t take your usual lunch? You have to be disciplined. Have a regular daily routine with a balanced meal plan that is suited to your daily lifestyle.

Remember, you own your body. You are in total control of what you eat and only you can do it.

All the best!

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It’s Ramadan! Now What?

It’s Ramadan! Now What? Yes! The month where you spend your lovely evening wandering around places called bazaar that offers a great assortment of delicacies. Foods that you don’t get to see very often will be around.

You have been fasting all day and obviously some nice kuih muih won’t do you any harm, right?

Obviously, we are all fasting to perform our duty as Muslims. There are also non-Muslims who decides to fast as well just to show commonality and respect to the holy month of Ramadan.

But how does fasting affect your daily routines when you are undertaking an exercise or a diet plan? Most general advices about exercise cannot be applied during this month! You cannot eat five smaller meals to boost your metabolism rate. You cannot go to a breaking fast event with a full stomach. You cannot really run for an hour in the morning/evening like you used to. People might see you in suspicions if you run (not saying that they are not doing it already!).

So, what should you do?

Take it easy! Remember, it’s a process!

Perhaps you just started your weight loss plan few weeks ago. You are now eager to see some changes on the scale. But all of a sudden, it is fasting month already? You started asking questions like how am I going to run like I used to everyday? I have a suggestion.

Take a month rest.

You need to realize that weight loss is a process. I mean, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Taking a month rest from your exercise regime should not be a problem. You have the remaining of eleven months to push yourself and sweat in the gym and hitting on the trails. Take Ramadan as a month where not only you give your full devotion to Him but also giving a month holiday for your body. Hey, performing tarawih prayers is a form of exercise as well! Remember to have a clear conscience though.

Even Kevin would take a month off his hectic gym training during fasting month so that he can unwind and relax his body.

So why shouldn’t you take a rest?

Don’t forget the general rules!

Just because you haven’t eaten the whole day doesn’t mean you have to put everything on the table in your mouth!

It is perfectly understandable (I was like that as well!).

The temptation is just too much isn’t? But this is where you will know whether you can practice self-discipline. You need to consciously control your impulses. Once you heard the Azan, say the prayers, eat few dates with a glass of water.

Eat slowly, chew the (put your favourite food name here) properly before swallowing and stop immediately when you are full. If you’re hungry, eat again later.

Is that so hard? After all, isn’t this what Ramadan is all about? Controlling your own personal temptations?

I wish all KevinZahri.com readers a blissful Ramadan!

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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

It is always disheartening and disappointing when you are not seeing any tangible of physical changes despite the fact that you have been exercising regularly or eating good food.

You should watch out for the infamous ‘weight loss plateau’ . More about it here and here. It’s the situation where your weight loss suddenly stops where the scale just refuse to move!

Keep on reading if one of the reasons below could be it!

1. You are being too impatient?

You can’t expect the weighing scale to move much if you weight yourself everyday!

It will take sometimes to see any tangible changes in your physical form. Don’t compare with your gym buddy! Inherently, individuals have subjective metabolism rates therefore you can’t just simply compare how your friend may have developed better muscles compared to yours.

You will have to review your exercise or meal plan regularly according to your weight changes. Go to pharmacy/gym which provides thorough analysis to make sure that you are actually creating fat loss. Fat loss is what we all want.

Certain times, your weight may not change but you are developing lean mass and still creating fat loss. You will definitely look better that’s for sure!

2. Are you exercising enough?

You need to sweat more!

As your weight loss journey continues, your body becomes smarter and gets itself accustomed to your training regimes.

Previously, running for 30 minutes might be good enough to burn certain amount of calories for your body. Due to the fact that you have been losing some weight (congratulations!), you have to increase the intensity or perhaps the duration of your running so that more calories could be burned throughout the workout.

Instead, why don’t you try cross-train? If you have been running, go swimming or cycling instead. If you are gym goers, train different muscle groups. Not only you are giving your muscles proper recovery and rests, you are also reducing chances of creating memory for your muscles thus slowing development.

3. I’m sorry, but are you eating too much?

Please don’t get mad. I’m sure you’ve heard of hidden calories?

You just have to review and check what you have been eating these days to ensure that you have not missed out anything. Are you eating more than you actually need according to your daily physical requirement? Just because you are eating fruits like bananas and apples that doesn’t mean you can have 3-4 of them at once! Fruits still have calories, like any other foods!

Keeping a food log is a great way to rectify this issue. You can just review whatever you ate on a particular day and time. Not only a great way on keeping track on how healthy you have become but also reviewing your calorie needs every week. Try not to drink your calories!

4. Are you getting enough rests and sleep?

If you don’t sleep at least 7 hours per day, you are not giving justice to your body. You need recovery days and enough sleep so that your body will be able to regenerate new cells and also function properly.

If you don’t sleep well, your weight loss journey will be disrupted. It is as simple as that.

5. Are you not feeling very well or in a stressful situation?

If you are not well, rest. Don’t force yourself to run 10K if you are not well. You are just going to hurt yourself and risking foreseeable injury.

Going for holidays might be a great idea? Just don’t forget that you are still in a weight loss journey though!

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Eating too much? 5 Quick Tips to Surviving Ramadhan Buffets

Eating too much? 5 Quick Tips to Surviving Ramadhan BuffetsFancy a ramadhan buffet but afraid of over-eating? Following are some practical tips to help you make better choices when faced with a buffet, especially when breaking fast.

  1. 1.

    Always start with a balanced meal: No matter how much you are craving desserts, always always always start with a balanced meal. What is balanced? For me at a carbohydrate:protein:fat ratio of approximately 55:30:15 percent. Not sure how to calculate these? Check out my ebook.

  2. 2.

    Serving size: From my ebook calculations, you should know roughly how many calories you need per meal. Stick to that for the first balanced meal. Desserts, fruits etc are an addition to that.

  3. 3.

    20 minute rule: I know you are probably starving but remember, it takes about 20 minutes from the first bite until you feel satiated (full). So take your time.

  4. 4.

    Plan ahead: The first thing you should do when arriving at the buffet is to 1. look at the spread 2. see what you like and 3. make a plan. Example: if there are some irresistible cakes and sweets, make sure you leave enough room and yeah, calories for them. Don’t stuff yourself with main courses and over-do with more cakes. Plan ahead and stick with it.

  5. 5.

    Water: We all are social drinkers and yes, orange juice tastes better than plain water. But, try and balance the two. I personally always go for both water and say a juice. Water is for thirst while juice is for my taste buds. Here, I would never refill my glass of juice until I have finished my water.

Good luck and selamat berbuka puasa.

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